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100 GUNS is an interactive CD-ROM.

You put it in your PC-compatible computer, and view high resolution photographs of the guns, hear sounds, look at diagrams and cut-away views, watch videos, activate animations, listen to stories, and read text about some of the most fascinating firearms in the world. After the opening sequence you can choose from six catagories of guns: Sporting, Ancient, Modern Military, Civil War/Frontier, Odd and Early Military. I cannot demonstrate the full interactivity of this CD-ROM on the internet. But by clicking on the small pictures you can down load the full-size pictures and see how they will look on your computer. These are large, high-resolution full-color files that may take 15 seconds or more to download. But I think you will agree that they are worth the wait.

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Computer Requirements: 100 GUNS will run on almost any PC-compatible multimedia computer. Any Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT computer should be fine. If you have any problems please email me: doug@douglashenderson.com

100 GUNS will NOT run on a Macintosh, or Apple computer.