There has never been a gun collector like J. M. Davis. You think you've got guns? J.M. has over 20,000 (Yep. twenty thousand guns). Think you got a gun case? J.M.'s is over a mile long, with no empty spaces.

100 guns for gun collectors

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J.M's collection is now housed in a 40,000 square foot museum in Claremore, Oklahoma.Want to see it? Come on down. It's free. But if you can't do that...then buy 100 GUNS. 100 GUNS is a CD-ROM showcasing one hundred of J.M's most amazing, most beautiful, most rare, most valuable guns. It's beautiful.

Do you want to know more gun trivia than those know it all jackasses you hang out with? Order your copy of 100 Guns today and begin winning beer bets this weekend.

You will spend hours enjoying over 400 photographs, dozens of cutaway drawings and illustrations, audio and video clips, interviews, history, stories, facts, legends, lies and humor.

If you like guns, you'll like this. If you don't like it, I will refund your money. No questions asked, guaranteed.

100 Guns is not just pictures of guns. Each firearm is photographed with its history plus information you won't find anywhere else: Colt revolvers on Civil War uniforms, M-16's described by the men who fought with them in Viet Nam, Lugers on captured Nazi flags, an affidavit signed by Jesse James, over 40 Civil war era pieces, Winchester's "1 of 1000 rifles"(valued atover $50,000), a herd of Colts, a Chinese wall gun over 8' long (92 caliber bore), the Gatling gun, the UZI, the W.W.II grease gun,  an army tank,  two sword pistols, an elephant gun, a Nazi handgrenade... .the "Dirty Harry" special, derringers,  the AK-47,  the Buck Rogers Disintegrator,  a blunderbuss (4 1/2 inch muzzle diameter)  flintlocks, wheellocks, and matchlocks, pin-fire, rim-fire and center-fire.  Ancient and modern... you name, its on this CD.

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100 guns CD-ROM
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