The cost for you to go on this trip is $2100. That figure may vary because of fluctuations in fuel costs, but it will be close to that. This is what you're getting for your money.

This $2,100 covers;

-- Airfare; coach-class, round-trip airfare from Tulsa, Ok, to Miami, Fl, to Quito Ecador, via American Airlines. If you are coming from another location, we'll work out an equitable cost.
-- Transportation in Ecuador, via our small chartered travel bus.
--All Lodging in Ecuador (probably three nights in hostels in Qutio, one or two in Cuicocha, and three nights at the Arajuno Jungle Lodge).
--Most meals. All meals at the lodge, most meals in route. Breakfast at the hostels.
--Entrance Fees to several places we are going, such as the Monument on the Ecuator.
--Canoe Fees
--an interpreter/tour guide around Ecuador.
--Tips to the bus driver, tour guide, canoe pilots.

The $2,100 trip fee does NOT cover;

--overweight luggage fees(should not be an issue, but...).
--Beer or wine at the Arajuno Jungle Lodge.
--Bailing anybody out of jail.
--Exit Fee.
Ecuador has a $42 fee for leaving the country collected at the time we depart.

Other expenses you may have not directly addressed above.

--your passport. If you have never had a passport the fee is $97. A rush-fee passport is    considerably more expensive.
--Immunizations/Vaccinations. Most of the required immunizations you probably already have, but there will most certainly be a few you don't have (yellow fever). Cost depends on which ones you need and where you get them.

Concerning when the money is due;

  1. $400. reserves your place on the trip and can be paid anytime.
  2. $1,000 is due 90 days before departure(let's say July 1,2014).
  3. The remaining amount must be paid in full before we depart.

Having said that, understand that I have some degree of flexibility. I don't have any desire to make money off another person's misfortune, but I can't afford to "eat" anybody's prepaid airline ticket, either. The tickets are non-refundable...but they can be transferred. So if you pay any part of this, and then find you can't go, I can't refund your money, but will work with you to try to find a replacement for you.

If, due to unforseen circumstances, I have to cancel the trip, say do to earthquake or volcanic activity, I will refund your money.

We will be traveling in the third world. Stuff happens. This may result in things not going exactly as stated in this itenarery. But that's what makes it an adventure, isn't it? But also for that reason, I can't refund anyone's money after the trip has started. If you are not willing, at least to some degree to "roll with the punches" this trip may not be a good choice for you. Fee free to contact me directly if you wish to discuss this.